Q: Does your classroom have a small black box?

A: Yes

    -Make sure that both the audio and video are set to the correct source

    -Make sure that the mute button has not been pressed

       -Press the volume dial in and if it turns red, you have muted it. If it turns green and volume starts coming out, then the issue is resolved!

A: No

    -Make sure everything is plugged into your devices properly

    -In the beige boxes, look at the receiver and make sure that the speaker buttons are set as follows: L: On. R: Off. 

      -If both of these buttons are set to on, no sound will come out, likewise if both are off. 

      -This is merely a guideline for these beige boxes. If the sound is working, please do not adjust these buttons, but if it is not, adjust them one at a time to make sure all arrangements of the buttons are checked

If all else fails, please let us know and we will have someone come to look at it as soon as we have someone available.